We had a false start this year. In February everything looked normal and we already had received many bookings for our house for the coming year 2020. And then everything changed. Not only for us, of course, the entire world is suffering from this pandemic.

Spain went into lock down. The consequences for us were abrupt, all bookings up to June were understandably cancelled. Everyone got their money back, not only from us, but also all costs paid to the larger booking sites, such as Home Away and Airbnb, were refunded. 

Although we are still uncertain when the state of emergency will be lifted here in Spain, we have opened our booking calendar again from the beginning of June. The number of bookings that were already accepted from then on will stand for the time being. And we will also start to accept new bookings. For this exceptional situation, we will not ask for a first deposit to finalize a reservation, until more clarity arises and free and safe travel is possible again. Our standard rules regarding cancellations will also lapse this year, which means that all (down) payments that are made directly to us will be fully refunded upon cancellation. There is no time limit, but we do ask that this will be done within reason.

We hope that in the early summer tourism will slowly pick up again. These are exceptional times, but who knows, maybe for a change you could walk quietly through the Alhambra, and not be surrounded by millions of other tourists? Or you can see Ronda in a different way.

To be on the safe side, we would advise you to travel with the necessary protective equipment, such as mouth masks and gloves. You will get used to it and only time will tell how and when we will get back to (a sort of) normal again! 

We also offer the option of ‘contactless’ accommodation. If you appreciate that, we will make sure that the key is in the door when you arrive and we will not greet you personally. Communication will then be entirely via WhatsApp / telephone or email.

Stay safe!

Francis, Lies and Santiago

A brief history of Ronda

The history of Ronda in a nutshell

The old town of Ronda ‘la ciudad “is the perfect place to walk around and get lost in the Roman and Moorish history. A clear legacy of the Arab time is the “Muralla”, the city wall, still very well preserved in many places. The first Roman settlement is much older.  ‘Acinipo’ also called ‘Ronda la Vieja (Old Ronda). This more than 2000 year old Roman amphitheater is 20 km away from the present town of Ronda and can be visited. But the oldest signs of human life can be found in the “Pileta Caves”, close to Benaoján. It has been discovered in 1905 and declared a national monument in 1924. In these caves murals were found of horses, goats and fish, dating from the Paleolithic Age. The caves are maintained by a private family (whose grandfather discovered them) and visits are almost all year round. Read more about Ronda’s history here)