Landscapes of Ronda

The surroundings of Ronda are of the most varied of Andalusia. One moment you’re driving through barren rocky mountain ranges where nothing seems to grow, and suddenly green and fertile valleys fold out before your eyes, with evergreen Mediterranean forests and landscapes that are always changing color with the seasons.

In the almost 25 years that I have lived here, a walk or a drive has never bored me. On the contrary, I still feel surprised when I see the surrounding beauty of the Serrania de Ronda. My eyes are always taking the photographs that I hardly ever capture in reality, even though I often try.
But I hope that some of my pictures can inspire others to come here and try for themselves!

The valley ‘el Tajo’ of Ronda

Walking along the Rio Gaduarés

Nature Reserve Sierra de las Nieves

Tajo de Abaníco

The seasons; landscapes between Ronda and Campillos: