A brief history of Ronda

The history of Ronda in a nutshell

The old town of Ronda ‘la ciudad “is the perfect place to walk around and get lost in the Roman and Moorish history. A clear legacy of the Arab time is the “Muralla”, the city wall, still very well preserved in many places. The first Roman settlement is much older.  ‘Acinipo’ also called ‘Ronda la Vieja (Old Ronda). This more than 2000 year old Roman amphitheater is 20 km away from the present town of Ronda and can be visited. But the oldest signs of human life can be found in the “Pileta Caves”, close to Benaoján. It has been discovered in 1905 and declared a national monument in 1924. In these caves murals were found of horses, goats and fish, dating from the Paleolithic Age. The caves are maintained by a private family (whose grandfather discovered them) and visits are almost all year round. Read more about Ronda’s history here)