The green surroundings of holiday home casa Vallecillo

This holiday home is located in a small valley, ‘vallecillo’ and is surrounded by nature. Although it is physically closer to the neighbouring village of Arriate, it is within the limits of the township of Ronda. And it lies in a remote corner the, both by the residents and tourists highly acclaimed, valley ‘Llano de la Cruz’. Directly from home you can make wonderful walks.

There are several surrounding gardens at the house. There is a small lawn next to the pool, where the relaxing loungers are ready for you to work on your sun tan. A few steps below the pool is a larger garden surrounded by fruit trees, where kids can play, as long as they don’t run into the adjacent vegetable garden.

The, always according to the seasons changing, organic vegetable gardens are an important part of our existence. When we came to live here in 1999 it was our dream to become as self sufficient as possible. Francis is a passionate nature lover with ‘green hands’ and his techniques have, over the years and with growing experience, constantly improved. He uses the old traditional way of irrigation, which is based on an ingenious system of small channels, the infrastructure been built by the Moors (Arabs), many centuries ago. These irrigation canals are called ‘acequias’, and run alongside the vegetable gardens and are still maintained by the neigbouring plot owners today Each of whom knows and respects its strict working hours, as water for farmers is often more valuable than gold.