Surrounded by organic gardens

When the owners came to live in this valley in 1999, it was a barren piece of land that was only used by a family with 100 goats. But they fell in love with the valley. Over the years they have tried to develop the perfect holiday spot for those who are looking for peace and quiet amongst nature. This valley offers that tranquility. Owner Francis Cobo was born and raised in Ronda. He knows the area very well and is a passionate nature lover and organic farmer. He cultivates some vegetable gardens in the vicinity of the house. The harvest is sold to a local group of interested friends in Ronda and the surplus of the harvest is preserved by co-owner Lies Wajer. All these products can, subject to availability, also be purchased by the guests of the holiday home. What makes this place so special? Especially the silence and the very rural atmosphere. You’re ‘off the world’, but within walking distance from civilization. Summers know long warm days and cool nights. And in winter you breathe the fresh clean mountain air of Ronda.

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