More than just sun

Holidays is resting, looking for some private space, distance from day to day concerns, sleeping in, seeing new things, recharging your batteries.  Some people think ony of beaches and palm trees when they think of of Andalusia.
Inland Andalucia however is a completely different story. Ronda lies high on a plateau in the interior of the province of Málaga, at about 700 meters altitude, which gives it a different climate.

So the best reason to choose for a holiday in Ronda is, that something can always be seen or done from here, in whatever season.
October to May is the best time to go for long walks or bike rides in the Ronda Mountains, without running the risk of suffering sunstroke. (Hats or caps and lots of water however are best prevention!)
The period from March to May is particularly overwhelming when the wildflowers bloom in abundance and the nightingales incessantly perform their seductive songs. July and August are more suitable for daytime lounging and hanging around the pool, and in the evenings sit outside untill the wee hours enjoying the freshness of the night. June and September are the most pleasant months with lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures that are still not too hot. These months are very good to go for an early morning walk, to read books, have a long siesta or visit the surrounding cities or villages for day trips.

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Landscapes of Ronda

The surroundings of Ronda are of the most varied of Andalusia. One moment you’re driving through barren rocky mountain ranges where nothing seems to grow, and suddenly green and fertile valleys fold out before your eyes, with evergreen Mediterranean forests and landscapes that are always changing color with the seasons.

In the almost 25 years that I have lived here, a walk or a drive has never bored me. On the contrary, I still feel surprised when I see the surrounding beauty of the Serrania de Ronda. My eyes are always taking the photographs that I hardly ever capture in reality, even though I often try.
But I hope that some of my pictures can inspire others to come here and try for themselves!

The valley ‘el Tajo’ of Ronda

Walking along the Rio Gaduarés

Nature Reserve Sierra de las Nieves

Tajo de Abaníco

The seasons; landscapes between Ronda and Campillos:

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Wildflowers in the Serrania de Ronda

In the immediate vicinity of the house you can find wild flowers everywhere. There are more than 1800 registered wildflowers, including some 40 different wild orchids. In the right seasons (mostly spring) and with a somewhat trained eye, you’ll stumble across the most marvelous specimens. There is a whole group of wild orchids, whose refined flower resembles the body of a bee. The trick is to look well around you because of their generally small size wildflowers can easily be overlooked. There are several guided day trips in case you don’t want to miss any!

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The White Villages of Andalucia

The famous white villages in and around the Serrania de Ronda are all within easy reach. Each has its own character and its own customs and traditions. Visit Grazalema in the mountains and surrounded by cork oaks, or Zahara for its beautiful location at the top of the big lake. Setenil has cave dwellings, Benalauria or all villages in the Valle del Genal are surrounded by chestnut woods and the so typical Mediterranean forest. Gaucin with its narrow streets gives top stunning views of Gibraltar and even Africa on a clear day.
Wool blankets are made ​​in Grazalema, cheeses in Villaluengua, sausages in Arriate, Benaoján and Montejaque, almond cookies in Atajate, leather goods in Ubrique, guitars in Algodonales .. And in almost all villages are restaurants serving typical local dishes.
One village has distinguished itself from the ‘white villages’: Júzcar has in 2011 exchanged her white outfit for ‘smurf blue’, on the occasion of the world premiere of the 3-D film ‘The Smurfs’. Since then, tourism in the hamlet of slightly more than 200 inhabitants has been booming and it was decided to, for the time being, maintain the colour of their houses blue.

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The Hidden Valley

Today we walked for five hours off the beaten track, where we passed mossy rocks, majestic holm oaks, we crossed green fields, went through enchanted forests and below jagged rock platforms. We  were guided the path by piled stones, cow dung and goat droppings. Oh yeah, and some sheep, but they went the other way.

This walk has been described by the ‘walking guru’ Guy Hunter-Watts and can be found here (a bit tricky, you can get lost easily..) or you can do the walk with the guide himself

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The light of Ronda and other inspiring characteristics

Once you approach Ronda, coming from the coast, you notice two things. The temperature is slightly cooler and light is different. The sun casts shadows in this mountainous region, making the landscape a constantly changing one. This can be so exciting that it seems as if the sun shines differently here. Along with its exceptional location on the high plateau, the surrounding overwhelming nature and the historic buildings in the old town, it enables you to fall in love with this city. It is therefore that throughout the centuries many artists, temporarily or not, have established themselves in Ronda. Poets, painters, filmmakers, musicians and writers.

One of the best known writers is Rainer Maria Rilke, whose traces can still be found in the streetnames, museums and archives of Ronda, or even in company names. He wrote the much quoted phrase ‘He buscado por todas partes la ciudad Soñada, y al fin la he encontrado en Ronda’ (I have looked everywhere for the dream city, and finally found it in Ronda). Another well known writer is Ernest Hemingway. His book ‘the dangerous summer‘ is based on the rivalry between two of the greatest bullfighters of all time: the ‘RondeñoAntonio Ordoñez and his brother-in-law Luis Miguel Dominguín. Along with celebrities like Orson Welles or Ava Gardner, Hemingway was, due to his friendship with bullfighter Ordoñez, a frequent visitor to Ronda. Orson Welles was so deeply touched by Ronda and his friendship with Antonio, that his ashes have been scattered in the finca of Ordoñez.

Of foreign 20th century painters who felt attracted to Ronda, David Bomberg has probably been the most important. In his footprints followed a number of his students from the ‘Borough Group’, including Miles Richmond and Cliff Holden , permanently located in Ronda . Unfortunately Bomberg, as has been the fate of many artists, lived in extreme poverty . He has fallen somewhat into oblivion, but soon the BBC will show a documentary dedicated to his work and life.

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Outdoor activities

There are a number of organizations that offer outdoor activities in Ronda: Pangea Central, DiscoveryAl Andalus Activa, Hike + Bike, Sierraventura Ronda and Aventura Ronda. They offer the following activities (note that for some of these activities a certain degree of experience is required!)Caving: Can be practiced in four different caves , most notably the ” Cueva del Gato ” is . – Abseiling/canyoning: including a spectacular descent of the waterfall under the famous Puente Nuevo del Tajo . – Rock climbing: In some places you can slide along a ‘Tirolina’, a cable stretched across a gorge . – Horse riding: A wide variety of riding crossing streams; through valleys; passing quiet traditional villages and over mountains on old winding mule tracksin the surroundings of Ronda – Bungee jumping: for 18 years and older – Canoeing on the lake of Zahara de la Sierra . This can include counseling , but the boats can be rented free per half day or hour . – Routes for mountain bikes  Dutchman Ferry Staleman settled in Ronda years ago and runs a very successful bike rental company . Not only has he a wide range of rental bikes , such as road bike, mountain bike, hybrid or E -bike (electric bike) , but also has developed great cycling routes, he offers reliable cycling maps and other supplies, such as bottles , tools, gloves, etc. – Multi adventures especially fun for children . It contains programs which you can choose between different activities , eg archery , canoeing and climbing. – Paintball : to play , little war , there is a minimum of four people required. All protective clothing can be rented . – Routes 4×4 ( SUVs ) Do a half or a whole day with a multilingual guide in his 4×4 and discover places you wouldn’t have dreamt of! Contact through the owners of casa Vallecillo. – Buggy routes: If you like to drive a buggy yourself, goe and test your skills on the roads and tracks of the Serrania de Ronda. – Hiking : Due to the enormous amount of possible nature walks we have a special page on our website. All links that we give handle above their own prices, which may not correspond to the price on their site indicated . Always check this before you book! And always be cautious . Overconfidence is not a good trait in risky sports ..

  CHECK OUT THE ‘CAMINITO DEL REY’ has been restored and is open for visits. We can help you book the entrance tickets, just ask us!

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Birds in the Serrania de Ronda

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Bird routes in Ronda

Birdwatchers Paradise

Andalucian Birds

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