Where eat and drink?

In Andalusia there is no lack of bars and restaurants. I know of no other people who love to eat outdoors more than the Andalusian. So there are plenty of places, also in Ronda to help yourself to food, tapas, sweets or wines . In the tourist center there are many bars and restaurants to be found. Note however that not all places, even though they are well attended by one-day tourists, provide quality while they tend to use hefty prices. Here are some tips for finding restaurants and tapas bars that offer a fairly constant good quality:

Bar Restaurant Almocabar in the ‘Barrio de San Francisco’, just outside the city walls . Restaurant Carmen la de Ronda at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Restaurant Los Cazadores, famous for its fresh fish and fried eggplants . Restaurant Las Caballerías is at the bar (for tapas) somewhat pricy, but upstairs in the restaurant they offer you good and affordable local dishes . Good tapas bars include: La Taberna, Tragatapas or the somewhat newer Camelot near the new outgoing area  known popularly as ‘La Playita‘ (The beach), even though it only looks out on a public parking lot! Another acclaimed tapas bar is De Locos Tapas in the Barrio de San Francisco, where much attention goes to the specially presented and tasty tapas (and slightly less to the customer..). And if it’s too busy there, or you want something slightly more ‘normal’, than there are several other good places to eat in the ‘Barrio‘, such as Bar San Francisco, or the cheap Bar Benito .

Just outside Ronda in the old house from the train depot Arriate ( the village where also many ” cheap & cheerful ” find tapas bars ) is the El Muelle restaurant Arriate the sympathetic Dutch host Frank . The nice thing about this restaurant is , apart from the huge hospitable welcome, it is open from 13:00 to 01:00. Useful for anyone who can not take the late Spanish eating habits or a change .

There are also some very pleasant ‘pastelerías‘ or breakfast and lunch establishments like Daver Polo and Chocolat where a wide selection of tea, coffee and fresh juices is offered with breakfast, lunch or delicious sweets. Also handy is that both places have free Wifi.

The local wine production has pickes up a lot in recent years. And although the price-quality ratio has not (yet?) been in balance everywhere, you can see and taste for yourself at the wine routes in the Ronda area, where there are as much as sixteen Bodegas. Read more